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Foreign brides

Foreign brides

Mail Order Brides Resources: What Are They and How to Use Them?


Creating a family is a crucial step for every person. Despite the fact that virtual communication is more relevant today than ever, finding the second half is a real problem for most people. For many years, this problem has been successfully solved by mail order brides agencies. Some may say that marriage should take place only for love. But in this case there would not be such a huge number of divorces. In this case, marriages concluded by calculation are considered the strongest. Moreover, who knows, what if you really fill out your profile in the mail order brides agency, they will mix you with a person you really love. In order to get on the list of brides and grooms of a mail order bride service, you need to fill out a questionnaire and submit some of your photos. In addition, the agency psychologists will conduct a special conversation with you to accurately identify the reasons for which you decide to contact them.

At the initial stage, the acquaintance between potential marriage partners occurs, as a rule, in absentia, by correspondence between the partners. Currently, correspondence in paper letters is rarely practiced. It is long and sometimes quite expensive. When receiving letters, the agency promptly informs clients about this, sometimes even by phone, and when the client comes to the agency, they are provided with received messages. In some cases, private letters can be printed out on a printer and provided to the client in printed form. If necessary, the agency also assists its clients in the preparation and sending of response emails.

Principles of work of mail order brides dating agencies are:

  1. Selection of a pair according to the wishes of customers. When filling out the questionnaires, the staff will ask you to indicate which external and internal qualities you would like to see in your chosen one;

  2. Different ways of dating. Agency employees organize meetings at special parties, trainings and hikes;

  3. Effectiveness. Turning to the agency, you can be sure that you will not get an alfonso or a person who wants a temporary relationship. All the brides and grooms of the marriage agency are focused on creating a family and a serious relationship.


Your data will be entered into the database in which the information of all mail order brides dating agency clients is located. Each company has its own methods of selecting grooms and brides, but it is with the help of them that the ideal pairs are created. When creating couples, mail order brides dating agency uses a new technique that has proven its success by the example of strong families created.


Which Way Do Mail Order Brides Agencies Work?


Many large mail order brides services are not limited to placing their clients' profiles only in their card files or on the Internet site, but publish printed, often colored, on good glossy paper, women's marriage catalogs, posting questionnaires and photos of their clients in them. Such mail order brides catalogs are made, as a rule, with the use of specialized printing companies, ordering rather large print runs. When a client (a woman) comes to the mail order brides agency, she is interested in what the agency can offer her, except for vague promises to "marry a millionaire," even if it is free. After all, what else could be more interesting for a woman who looking for marriage than a man who wants to marry her. And there are hundreds of men in such catalogs.

Profiles in the catalogs should be constantly updated, so that the client, having come to the agency a week later, saw in the catalog new faces and profiles of new men. Catalogs are printed, on CDs and online catalogs. The most operational ones are, of course, Internet directories, in which updates take place, usually 2-3 times a month.

In order for agency clients to meet not only in absentia, through catalogs or by correspondence, but also live, in a personal casual meeting, looking for marriage agencies often spend evenings of meetings between their clients. As a rule, such evenings are held in houses of culture, clubs, cafes, which are pre-rented by the mail order brides agency for a certain time. Often, at such evenings, entertainment events, dances, contests, quizzes, etc. are held. Persons (usually men) who are not clients of this agency, but of particular interest to agency clients, may also be invited to such evenings. For example, often organized males are invited to such evenings - cadets of military schools, maritime academies, etc.

Often, distant foreign men, whose hearts and mind have softened, from the beautiful letters of an even more beautiful stranger, want to give her a gift or even gifts. Sometimes gifts are combined with bouquets of flowers. But, unfortunately, poor foreign suitors, they cannot always afford to come to their beloved each time and give these gifts and flowers, bending their knees with their own hands. Therefore, they use the services of our marriage agencies that kindly provide them with such services. But for a certain payment. As they say - "every whim for your money"

In order to create a couple, men who live abroad can take the advantages of romantic tours to get mail order wives. Usually it is done this way: mail order wives agency gathers its male clients who want to travel to a distant country for their happiness as beautiful foreign brides, and mail order wives agency provides services for meeting these suitors and notifies their clients in advance about the upcoming rendezvous. Men are usually driven by an organized group, 10-15 people, on a predetermined route, usually in several major cities. Occasionally, individual tours are practiced for one groom. The task of the mail order wives marriage agencies is to organize a meeting place and invite girls, clients of the agency to the meeting. As a rule, they are recruited several hundred. The local agency rents the premises - a restaurant, cafe, school hall, etc., organizes the delivery of girls there and brings men to this meeting. And there, in a light, relaxed atmosphere behind a buffet with light dancing, a personal acquaintance of foreign seekers of happiness and its local bearers takes place.

The Main Pros of Using Mail Order Brides Platform

Many people need help in order to meet someone. This is especially difficult to do for Western men, since today it is quite difficult to find a normal lady in European society. If you set out to find the faithful wife, a good mother and an excellent housewife, you need to use all methods. The woman with whom you met in a cafe can disappear at any time, but on the website you can contact her with just one click. For example, any mail order brides website offers dating with single women of different ages from different countries: China, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, etc., who dream of creating their own family.


  1. By means of online dating you can get to know the mail order brides you like. Ask them about their life and work, their marital status. You can also pre-chat on the phone and ask him to show his photos. You should not immediately invite the woman you like to your country. If you suddenly run into a marriage fraudster, then you will be offended;

  2. In our time, dating on the Internet have become in great demand. It should be noted that mail order bride dating sites have an extensive database from which you can always choose the appropriate best option. Registration at such resources allows to achieve positive results and create their own family. The most important thing is to choose a proven and reliable mail order brides dating site with simple and easy navigation;

  3. Dating by means of Internet allows you to easily find a bride and, finally, to become happy. Registration on the site will bring you positive emotions and joy. You can find your happiness, but for this you need to do something, because everyone knows that water does not flow under a rolling stone;

  4. Established psychologists will give you lots of useful tips that will help you build strong relationships;

  5. Agency employees carefully check the internet brides for their marital status, criminal record, problems with the law, etc .;

  6. If necessary, you can also use additional services. For example, consultation with a lawyer who will tell you what documents you need to collect in order for the bride to come to your country on a completely legal basis.


By creating an account at the mail order brides dating site, you leave there only the information that you consider necessary. Virtual dating is much more interesting and less problematic. Getting acquainted in this way, you can meet a person long before the first date and decide whether you should meet with her or not at all. Thanks to this, you can avoid embarrassing moments associated with the first date.


Some Facts About Mail Order Brides Which Can Help Future Husbands


What is a mail order bride? In pursuit of a happy marriage, women, following the precepts of mothers and grandmothers, learn how to cook and keep house, carefully follow glamorous beauty standards, build a stunning career and discipline pump press three times a week. However, besides all this, mail order brides have feminine qualities that can make a man part with the status of a bachelor.


  1. They are always happy with what they have. And more precisely, they know how to be happy. Even when such a woman is alone and even when life throws up not the most pleasant surprises, she knows how not to become depressed, not angry at fate and not indulge in criticism of the weather, politicians and leaps in exchange rates — somehow magically she always manages to keep an aura of harmony, ease and tranquility. At the same time, her happiness is not ostentatious optimism, not bravado and not feasible fun; rather, it is calm - and infectious - confidence that everything will certainly be good. This ability to be happy is a real talent, which is inherent in far from everyone, but it attracts men like a magnet: next to such a woman, peaceful, pleased with herself and life, you want to be constantly, as if “charging” with her sense of harmony and making her even happier;

  2. They know their value. "Dissolving" in our beloved, refusing from previous hobbies, communication with friends and habitual hobbies, we slowly but surely lead relationships into a dead end. Yes, at first such self-giving pleases man's pride, but this joy very quickly gives way to fatigue and irritation - emotions that clearly do not foreshadow the proposal of the hand and heart. Choosing a wife, a man would rather forgive the lack of culinary talents (you can prepare food yourself or, at worst, buy it) than the absence of your own interests, hobbies and goals;

  3. European mail order brides know how to inspire. They do not try to re-educate a man, do not throw mud at his back, do not complain to mom and girlfriends about his low income, lack of manners and the habit of throwing socks;

  4. They have wisdom. An intelligent woman in a dispute with a man will crush him with a string of arguments to prove his case and demonstrate intellectual superiority. Wise - will be able to gently evade the dispute, while still magically making a man believe that the idea proposed by her actually belongs to him. Next to the first man will feel weak and stupid. Next to the second - resourceful, intelligent and able to move mountains.


However, keep in mind that if your mail order wife wants to get a divorce, she is likely to sue you half of the property and common children, who as a rule will fully support her mother.


Mail Order Bride Pricing: What Financial Expenses Expect You


As a rule, agencies are selective in choosing candidates for cooperation and are not chasing after quantity but quality. They receive income from the sale of addresses of "mail order brides" and are not interested in placing the data of women who will not be able to sell. The cost of one address - an average of $ 10, discounts for buying a large number of addresses. Such agencies usually offer a number of additional services, such as e-mail forwarding, translation, organization of "marriage" tours, delivery of gifts, etc. Many mail order brides agencies organize "meetings" - dance evenings, where there are several dozen foreign men and several hundred girls. Communication takes place in an informal setting, and such acquaintance may lead to marriage. Each mail order brides agency can have its own list of services, but traditionally it looks like this:


  • providing access to the grooms database;

  • provision of a printed men's marriage catalog;

  • creating client profiles on their website on the Internet;

  • working out customer questionnaires in the databases of partner agencies;

  • e-mail services, receiving and sending letters;

  • organizing the reception and accompaniment of incoming brides;

  • organizing evening meetings with hot bride;

  • organization of mating tours;

  • search for girls by orders of Western marriage agencies;

  • translation services, photographer, lawyer


If we talk about the value of the bride in the aggregate, here the price can vary from $ 500 to $ 15,000 and more.

An important point in the work of a good mail order brides dating agency is the so-called "determination of chances". This is a consultation with the dating agency manager, which answers the main question: how realistic is it for this man to find women for marriage? It should be noted that in a good agency a professional psychologist helps to decide on the wishes from the beginning of the correspondence up to the moment when the agency informs the client. In addition to the desires, such a psychologist also helps to determine the candidates, professionally analyzing their letters, paying attention to the trivialities that the ordinary people cannot see.

In addition, it greatly facilitates communication, and therefore increases the chances of knowledge of foreign languages. Many marriage agencies pay special attention to knowledge of the language and the ability to use fast communication with you - the presence of a telephone, e-mail or fax. These moments cease to be insignificant when it comes to hundreds of kilometers. Therefore, today the services of an interpreter are very in demand, the cost of which varies on average from $ 300 and more. 


FAQ Section


How to find mail order brides?

It is obvious that deciding to look for online brides, you must contact a trusted agency. It’s very difficult to understand the huge number of dating sites and online marriage agencies. An individual user is likely to be denied access to paid, verifiable sites. Only by means of paid mail order brides services. On free or cheap sites for the posted information no one bears responsibility. It is still better to entrust the organization of the meeting with international brides to the agency - managers have more experience, there is a psychologist, a lawyer there, which will provide additional security. Women are more easily turning to such services to find husband. They are busy searching for successful men, and the male part is busy searching for calm, gentle and understanding companions. The most interesting thing is that women engaged in male work turn to the agency. They occupy high positions and if in conditions of difficult work they feel comfortable, then with the construction of marriage relationships everything is not in order.;

How to order mail order brides?

It is necessary to contact an agency psychologist in order to jointly draw up a portrait of the future wife. Next, a psychologist will help you determine the country in which you will be looking for a wife. In fact, the choice of a country is fundamental. Due to many cultural characteristics and mentality of some peoples, some women are suitable for one man and some for another. For example, a woman who in all respects will suit a Belgian man will in no way suit an American. Next, you have to explore the milestones of girls for marriage from the list, which will be compiled specifically for you. The next stage is dating online, correspondence or a trip to the country to the bride for a closer acquaintance with her and her family;

Where to get mail order brides?

Contact the mail order brides agency. When working with the questionnaires, practices and methods are used that allow you to ensure maximum compatibility with you person (an integrated approach to getting acquainted - we take into account all the factors: psychological, social, worldview and astrological). One can find a program for every taste and wallet. The initial payment is 50 % of the cost of the selected package of services, the final settlement of the contract is made when the result is achieved - in fact the current couple. Mail order brides agencies work only with future pretty wifes who are currently not officially married. They do not believe in the word, they check, they get to know each of our clients personally and they screen out those who are looking for adventure, inadequate people, gigolos, professional women and various kinds of scammers. One should understand in advance that membership in a good mail order brides agency will cost him no less than $ 500;

Mail-order brides are legal?

Legit mail order bride is the bride who came to the country of the future husband legally. To do this, you must comply with a number of bureaucratic conventions that are individual for each country. For example, in the USA it is necessary to register legal relations within 90 days from the moment of arrival of a foreign bride. After that, she must submit documents to the Ministry of Internal Security and obtain permanent resident status - legal permanent resident. In this case, the groom is required to complete the Petition for Alien Fiance, he naturally must be a citizen of the United States. Marriage must be entered into within 3 months. The groom should also see his future wife personally at least once every 2 years before submitting the application - except when this is prohibited by the national traditions of the bride’s native country or if it is an exceptional difficulty for one of the parties. Both future spouses should be free from other matrimonial obligations, as evidenced by the relevant certificate of marital status, a divorce certificate, etc.